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The Place


We Are Different ~ Just Like You

Uninhibited, chilled out alternative to uptight chains that feels more like an extension of our own family room. Our place is full of individual character, at times a bit quirky and even loud, but always buzzing with real life... and we like it that way.

During the day, a quiet subdued feeling makes it an easy place to work, study, read, tinker at the piano, meet with clients or just while away your time. The place gradually morphs into a social night spot full of playful spontaneity that include concerts, dancing, video gaming and movie showings... planned or not.

There are but two small caveats:

1. We adore people... from all walks of life and whatever their age (outside, or on the inside)... we want to know them and encourage you to as well.. Nothing thrills us more than to bear witness to bridges being built over generational, intellectual, economic or continental gaps through a friendly exchange. We find thereís simply no better way to expand the view of our world than to experience it through anotherís eyes.

2. We really LOVE music... especially live music... we are hopelessly addicted to it. In fact, we love it so much that nearly all of our baristas and many of our regulars are, or have been, in our High School music program, or are otherwise skilled vocally or with an instrument or two. As such, it is not entirely unusual to find your barista at the piano or for some other spontaneous eruption of music to occur. Please consider it as one of our quirks.

We welcome you as you are... and it's perfectly fine to just be you... quirks and all.



Quiet hours until 6:00 PM

Seating in comfy chairs, couch, dining room and patio is limited to current customers

Gaming & Amped guitar playing after 6 PM only

Piano may be played at any time

Maximum TV volume is 25 during quiet hours.

Laptops, Ipods, Mp3 players, other personal devices and ring tones should be kept at a low volume

Lively conversation is welcomed and encouraged at all times

As the average customer age lowers
 the overall volume may rise!


Amenities for customer use:

Toys: Die cast cars, a tea set, action figures and other small toys available to keep the little ones occupied.

Board Games: Chess/Checkers, Scrabble, Risk, Jenga, Apples to Apples, Uno, Guess Who, Playing Cards & Poker Chips and more.

Music: A piano sits in the center of the shop... it is there to play! We also welcome musicians to bring instruments and play at any time. We even have a few amps for use and a full sound system complete with mics to plug into after 6 PM.

TV: The television is located in The Living Room section and available to watch movies or game.

Movies: A good selection of popular movies are available to watch on our big screen. We also have Fraggle Rock on DVD for the little ones. We welcome you to bring your own, however we do ask that the rating be G, PG or PG-13 during daytime hours. R rated movies may be played after 8 PM on weekends and are subject to approval.

Video games: We currently have two pro gaming stations with XBox in The Corner and a PS3 at the big TV, with games and controllers for both system or you can bring your own.  We require only a receipt of  a purchase from the same day and ID or other form of collateral for game and controller check out.  Gaming hours are limited to after 6 PM daily. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis and only for the pro gaming stations. Typically, exceptions are made for adults over 21 that are bringing in head phones to use during play.

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