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Espresso & Coffee


Authentic, Hand -Pulled Espresso

Here, espresso is our passion and our cornerstone. Espresso is  not a type of coffee bean,  nor a particular roast of a bean., rather it is the method in which the coffee is brewed. Espresso originated in Italy... the literal  meaning of the word is 'pressed out'... and the brew process does just that. Thereís a lot more to achieving great espresso but simply put, water is forced under pressure, or pressed out, through ground coffee beans.

We begin with a freshly roasted bean. Our special blend of imported natural espresso beans are roasted in small batches on the day we need them and vacuum sealed for the highest quality of freshness and taste around!

The beans are then perfectly ground at the time of your order. Our grinder is precision set on regular basis to account for changing temperatures and humidity.  The grounds are then hand tamped in preparation for itís pull..

Our coffee bar is anchored by our La Marzocco, one of the worlds most famous and respected expresso machines handmade in Milan, Italy.  This finely crafted machine is intricately calibrated to deliver an expertly pulled shot that is pressed out to reveal full bodied flavor and an exquisite cremaí.

  Thereís more than one way to enjoy espresso

 Though traditional fare in many cultures, straight espresso for many others is not. For the average coffee drinker, espresso is more of an acquired taste to be eased into and some people never acquire the taste for it all... but donít let that stop you from experiencing espresso at all.

Try it with sugar or sugar substitute and/or cream. Or try an Americano... an espresso shot with hot water added to make it more like, well, American coffee.   Also, if so desired, try it with hand-steamed milk or cream. When  steamed to the perfect temperature, the milk or cream is caramelized to bring out the flavor of itís natural sugars.  Once combined with the espresso, a well balanced latte or a frothy cappuccino is created. A myriad of flavors and flavor combinations can be added to create a custom concoction that is all your own ...and it can be served hot, chilled & shaken or blended with ice to have a new taste sensation with each visit

Just remember, we want you to enjoy our products and we know that taste is an individual thing... as it should be. So please, donít be shy in asking for any adjustments.  Take your first taste at the counter and feel free to hand it back if it needs some tweaking or even a redo! We really do take great personal pride in... and actually enjoy the challenge and thrill of the moment... when we find something a customer truly enjoys!

Drip Coffees

While we do serve some drip coffee daily, we do so during morning hours or special events and only while it remains hot and fresh. We also serve drip coffees during onsite reserved special events or group meetings as well as part of a coffee service for off site events. 

Drip coffees are selected from our retail stock of whole beans imported from several different countries and climates, including organics, fair trades, varietal blends and a wide selection of flavored coffees that are available for purchase for use in home brewers.

Like our espresso beans, our whole beans are roasted in small batches the day we need them, then vacuum sealed for freshness and the highest quality coffee around. 




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